One single glove represents a saving of 3000 disposable cottons

A gesture for your skin. A gesture for the planet

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Discover our make-up remover gloves, cleansers and exfoliants, they are revolutionary. Our gloves offer you a gentle, effective and responsible solution, to remove with a simple gesture just with water, your most tenacious makeup by taking care to clean your skin in depth.

Gant démaquillant lavable à l'eau

The ritual of care

Our gloves are a declaration of love for you, and for your skin. They embody simplicity and efficiency, transforming the ritual of care into a unique experience.

Thanks to their innovative knits, you can remove your makeup and clean your face or simply exfoliate your body using only water.

The ritual of care
Babette Switzerland


I designed my gloves with love, for the sole purpose of meeting a personal need, but fate decided otherwise.

They have become much more than mere accessories.

Thanks to curious minds like yours, souls open to innovation, and with your comfort in the forefront, they have come to life in an extraordinary way.

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Avec nos gants faites un geste pour la planète

Our gesture

By choosing your glove, you are joining our community imbued with gentleness and confidence in natural beauty.

This marks a definitive farewell to the thousands of disposable cotton pads and wipes, which, over the years, have accumulated across the globe.

It is a gesture, not only towards your skin, but also towards our environment.

Discover our gesture

A gesture for your skin, a gesture for the planet.

– Babette Keller Liechti

Gant doux démaquillant Babette switzerland

Where can you find us?

Now you can find your FluffyNude glove in more than 150 Sephora stores in Switzerland and Europe. 

Visit Sephora to find your glove, presented in our packaging, designed in homage to the oceans, an ecosystem essential to life on our planet, so unique, but also so fragile. 

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