Maison Christian Dior Parfums now uses our cleansing and exfoliating gloves in its skin care rituals at Dior Spas around the world.

Dior Spas have chosen Babette Switzerland and our gloves as their partner, thanks to Babette Keller Liechti's expertise and boldness in developing ever more effective fibers.

The FluffyMini and the NudeMini gloves will be used with professional products from Maison Dior during the care rituals offered at Dior Spas, making this duo a unique experience.

A unique collaboration

The unique collaboration between Babette Keller Liechti and Maison Christian Dior Parfums marks a significant milestone in the world of beauty and luxury.

Why did Dior choose Babette's gloves? The fibers meet all the requirements of Maison Dior, they are highly effective, respectful of the skin and the environment, because one of our gloves alone replaces 3,000 cotton pads.

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Babette & Dior Massage

The Dior SPA Protocols

A professional, delicate and elegant gesture.

Maison Dior has developed two application techniques: the method "en effeuillage" with the FluffyMini glove, which works on all areas of the face for perfect cleansing and make-up removal. As well as exfoliating in a grid pattern with the NudeMini, using the Floral Peeling Lotion, respecting the skin's delicacy thanks to the glove's softness.


This make-up removing and cleansing glove is distinguished by the extreme softness of its knit and the cutting-edge technology used to produce its fiber. In a single, delicate gesture, it removes all the dirt embedded in the fine lines and hidden folds of our skin.

Appreciated by all those who want a high-performance treatment for ultra-demanding skin. Everyday use leaves skin perfectly cleansed, luminous and relaxed.

Unrivalled gentleness for deep cleansing and make-up removal of even the most sensitive skin.

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- Babette Keller Liechti


Our glove is highly effective for deep facial and body cleansing. Ideal for normal skin, it removes impurities from all pores. Its knitted fabric is made up of loops of microfilaments that enable it to reach the heart of the epidermis, removing all impurities and dead skin cells by capillary action in a single gesture.

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