The ritual of care is an ancient and universal practice, transcending ages and cultures. It celebrates the preservation and revitalization of the body, mind and spirit. At the heart of this ritual is the essence of taking care of yourself. It invites us to a deep connection with our body, to listen to it carefully and to nourish it.

Our gloves are an invitation to enjoy the magic of natural beauty. They embody simplicity and efficiency, transforming the ritual of care into a unique experience. Thanks to their innovative knits, you can remove your makeup and clean your face or simply exfoliate your body, using just water.

Gant démaquillant Travel Set l peaux normale, mixte et ultra sensible - Babette - kt Boutique

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Discover our three distinct fibers, small and large.

Why this diversity of knits and sizes? Because our skins, like our lives, are unique.

Our gloves are designed to celebrate this wonderful richness. Whether for normal, mixed or ultra-sensitive skin, we have created a special glove to meet your every need. This is our way of offering you a personalized treatment plan.

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Begin your ritual

▪Simply moisten your glove with water or, if you wish, add a quality
makeup remover.
▪Taking less than a minute, your glove offers you effective cleaning,
makeup removal or exfoliation, strong or gentle, according to your needs.
▪Our gloves are dye-free and hypoallergenic. They last a long time. They
can be used repeatedly. Their high-performance fibers do all the work.
▪To keep it clean, we recommend washing it as frequently as possible at
a temperature of +60°C, by hand or machine, without softener, to ensure the
total elimination of dirt, makeup and bacteria.

A clean glove every day

By choosing one of the three Weekly Sets, you will have a clean glove every day, ready to gently work on your skin efficiently and in-depth. This practice offers you much more than cleanliness: it also allows you to avoid unwanted contact with impurities and bacteria, leaving your skin shining and luminous.

With a clean glove at hand every day, you can dive into this unique experience with ease, without the slightest worry.

Discover the Weekly Sets

Every time you use my glove, i want you to fell the difference.

– Babette Keller Liechti