Babette Switzerland


I designed my gloves with love, for the sole purpose of meeting a personal need, but fate decided otherwise. They have become much more than mere accessories. Thanks to curious minds like yours, souls open to innovation, and with your comfort in the forefront, they have come to life in an extraordinary way.

Maison Babette is not only the fruit of my labors, but also of my passion for the art of creating. This is where elegance and technology meet. For nearly four decades, we have had the honor of supplying the largest prestige watch and jewelry brands in the world. It's been an incredible journey, filled with challenges and achievements in caring for the finest timepieces.

Professional and emotional recognition

My expertise, my determination, and my audacity to develop ever-more efficient fibers have been recognized by the prestigious Veuve Clicquot Award for Swiss Businesswomen.

A moving recognition of my hard work and commitment to innovation and women.

what fills my life

I am a mother of four children, and a proud grandma to eight little treasures. My life has been shaped by the love of my family, my husband, the light that burns in me and my passion for innovation.

With every gesture I make, every creation I develop, my greatest wish is to leave my grandchildren a responsible world where beauty and sustainability meet harmoniously. My commitment to a better future guides my soul.

I want to leave my grandchildren a responsible world

– Babette Keller Liechti

My commitment to your well-being

Every time you use my gloves, I want you to feel the difference, to perceive the love and dedication that I put into their creation.

They are much more than a simple hygiene accessory. They are the symbol of our commitment to your inner and outer beauty as well as to our planet.

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