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7 ultra exfoliating make-up remover and cleansing gloves

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Developed just for me, the little NudeMini was the first I dared to touch my eyes to remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, as well as my body to exfoliate any dead skin. 7 for 1 clean glove each morning.

This little exfoliating cleansing and make-up removal glove is highly effective for deep cleansing of face and body. Ideal for normal and non-delicate skin, it will take care of unclogging all your pores.

Its knitted fabric is made up of loops of microfilaments that enables it to reach the very heart of your epidermis, removing all impurities and dead skin cells by capillary action in a single gesture.

How to use

How to use for normal skin
- Just wet the NudeMini with water, or use it with a high-quality make-up remover.
- In less than a minute, our glove guarantees perfect, in-depth cleansing and make-up removal of your skin.
- Clean and sterilized, it is infinitely reusable. The fiber does all the work.

Hypoallergenic, we recommend washing your glove at + 60°C, by hand or in the washing machine without fabric softener, to remove all traces of make-up and bacteria, as well as all impurities and dead skin cells.

Areas of use

- Individuals & Professionals
- SPA & Beauty Treatments
- Sport & Travel

Knit fabric composition

70% polyester - 30% nylon
No side seams
Dye-free white

Developed in Switzerland by Babette, manufactured in South Korea.


    Pouch in durable, recyclable EVA

        Weekly Set - Gant démaquillant NudeMini | peau normale - Babette - kt Boutique

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