EveryDay Classic & EveryDay 2.0 masks // Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Everyday Classic 1.0 goggle and the Everyday 2.0 version?

Our Everyday Classic & 2.0 goggles are the same goggles, no difference, except:

  1. The mask must filter at least 70% of the aerosols of average size 1 micron (EvreyDay 2.0 is at 74%). Our EveryDay Classic mask reaches 38% at 1 micron. Which is already the best possible result on all the world community masks.
  2. In fact, the European community requires a filtration capacity of 70% at 3 microns. So our EveryDay Classic mask already fulfills all the criteria
  3. The 2.0 is primed with a finishing treatment by heat process without adding any product. This application is carried out in our Biel-based factory, which today gives it a filtration capacity of 74.9% at 1 micron, thus well above the demands.

I have already bought an EveryDay Classic mask. Am I also well protected even if it is not certified?

Here we are, we can certify that our EveryDay Classic & EveryDay 2.0 masks are the most protective on the world market, since they are only made of micro fibers without any addition of product, they will take care of you for a very long time without losing their protective capacities.

How do I choose the right mask size?

Take a string, place it from the end of the nose and pull it to the back of the ear (the highest part of the cartilage). Then measure the string and compare this dimension according to the diagram below, do this exercise at least 2 times to be sure to have measured the right size.

How was the mask drawn?

Masks should be designed so that the nose, mouth and chin are covered. They should ensure a tight fit at the sides.

Why so many different mask sizes?

A mask should fit snugly. For this our house has created 6 sizes of masks. Why?

  • If the mask is too large: a community mask that is too large will systematically move, a readjustment will therefore be necessary with the fingers, but the fingers must not be worn on the face! They are likely to be carriers of the virus.
  • If the mask is too small: our mask is designed to be worn all day, a mask that is too small will put pressure on the ears, and will press the microfiber on your airways, thus reducing your freedom to breathe and to speak . After a few hours you will be short of breath.